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Our mission is to provide quality construction services to the public and to federal, state and local agencies at the most competitive price, within budget, and on schedule. Our goal is to provide quality service utilizing highly trained, experienced, and qualified people. Martin Construction Co. is a leading general contractor in the Kentuckiana area. The company has been in business since 1990. An experienced and proven general contractor, we work in a variety of construction settings from small to large scale projects.Martin Construction Co. also provides project management and construction management services.

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Martin Construction Co. is a leading general contractor in the Kentuckiana area. The company has been in business since 1990.

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Recent News


 March 11, 2002

Kofi Frempong
Martin Construction Co.
1205 Durret Lane
Louisville, Kentucky

Re: 621 E. St. Catherine Completion
Dear Kofi,

This letter contains my thought processes and mental impressions concerning the above mentioned Project. I had envisioned and had very high expectations for its outcome. Your company in most all instances reached those expectations.

I would like to give special mention to Project Manager, Dan DuBose. Dan’s friendliness, professionalism, and sense of urgency are at a level in which others should be judged. In our world today we are quick to complain, but slow to acknowledge a job well done, this job was so well done I had to thank the person responsible.

In closing, let me also state it has been rewarding working with yourself, James Burton, and the rest of your staff.


Scott Kraus
Program Manager
Modernization and Development
Housing Authority of Louisville

P.O. BOX 59
Construction DivisionGentlemen:I want to express my sincere appreciation, and the appreciation of the Olmsted Resident Office, for your outstanding workmanship and exceptional management effort displayed during the removal of the sandbar at the Newburgh Locks and Dam Fixed Weir. Because  of the truly superior work your company has done, you will receive a Final Performance Evaluation of “Outstanding”, which I have enclosed.I want to emphasize the effectiveness of your management on the project. Of particular note is the performance of Mr. Timothy Basham of your Quality Control Staff and Mr. Rick Marksberry of M. Bowling, Inc. Through their superior skills and attention to detail while operating heavy equipment adjacent to the water, you will also receive an  outstanding rating for Quality of Work and Compliance with the Safety Standards.Once again, I commend you for your outstanding performance. It has been a pleasure working with your company and the Louisville District looks forward to having you perform future projects for the Corps of Engineers.


George J. Jageman, Jr. P.E.
Chief, Construction Division
Joseph L. Theobald
Contracting Officer
October 31, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:The purpose of this letter is to support the excellent construction professionalism offered by Martin Construction Company. Potter & Cox Architects has known Martin Construction for the past three years and we have completed several successful projects for the Department of Labor. We currently have numerous ongoing projects with Martin  Construction Company.We are pleased to offer that Martin Construction offers services considered to be well above the industry standard. One can look at key personnel at Martin Construction Company to see the consistency and devotion to the end product at each and every project. Whether programming, scheduling, cost management or construction quality,  Martin Construction Company is committed to the idea of team success.We welcome the opportunity to highly recommend Martin Construction Company for any construction project.
Very truly yours,
Eileen Van Hoose, AIA